Your 2021 Spinach® Approved Horoscopes

With 2020 being such a mind-warping year, everyone is looking forward to a clean slate in 2021. Take a look now!

Your 2021 Spinach® Approved Horoscopes

Disclaimer: These horoscopes are for entertainment purposes only. Use your own judgement when making any decisions. Enjoy!

With 2020 being such a mind-warping year, everyone is looking forward to a clean slate in 2021. We’ve looked into our crystal bowl and now have these Spinach® approved horoscopes to share for each sign.


Be prepared for a few surprises in 2021. You’ll be given many opportunities to grow your social circle, and when you do, be sure to pass the Spinach® cannabis!

We also see a romantic relationship forming and it may even be an old flame coming back into your life.


Excitement will be your middle name all year long. While there may be conflicts coming up, try not to worry too much as they’ll be resolved quickly – it will all come down to communication.

The key to success this year is to try out new and innovative ideas.


Taking a diplomatic approach to 2021 can serve you well and help avoid unnecessary trouble. Visualizing new projects coupled with detailed planning can lead you on a path to your dreams.

Exercising, especially outdoors, is a good idea for you throughout the year. Get some fresh air and take your favourite Spinach® product with you.


2021 is the year of socializing for you. Grow your personal network and make new acquaintances. These can become very close friendships that will last a lifetime.

There will also be important decisions to make this year, so think them through before acting.


Work and career will be at the forefront this year, but that’s nothing new, is it? Keep your ambitions top of mind and look forward to continued success.

Your love life might be filled with mixed emotions going into 2021, but you’ll continue to stay positive and soak it all in.


Virgos may have to make important decisions in 2021. Make sure these decisions are your own. You’re in a good place to accomplish your dreams and keeping your energy levels high will be the key to getting it all done.


This year is all about minor alterations and daily refinements, which will get you what you want in 2021.

Your social life may have been in a lull, but that will start to change. You’ll feel more connected to friends than you have previously.

You can do whatever you want, so be enthusiastic about it!


Get ready for your relationships to take a turn in the right direction! Scorpios will be able to execute their passion projects in 2021 with the help of their friends.

Mid-year will bring about many opportunities, but make sure you maintain your well-being with a healthy lifestyle and relaxation.


In 2021 you may feel like you have more responsibility than ever before. Cultivating new hobbies will help Capricorns in the long run both with their social lives and dealing with any stressful situations that arise.

You have the support of your social circle this year, so use that to your advantage.


2021 is a time of rebirth for you, but it’s essential to remain calm and know that everything happening is for the best. Things will be more positive and encouraging for Aquarius, and with hard work, anything is possible.

Face the challenges life throws at you head on.


There may be many chances for Pisces to find love in 2021 and it may be in surprising places (probably not Tinder).

Focus and complete your projects on time this year so you can rest easy knowing you’ve put your best foot forward.

You’ll have to tap into your instincts to find success.


No matter what your horoscope says for 2021, we know you’ll make the most of it with good friends and Spinach® cannabis by your side. Check our blog for more fun articles.

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