Tangerine Twist with vape
Tangerine Twist with vape
Tangerine Twist with vape


tangerine twist

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20 - 28% THC

What’s better than a Tangerine cultivar? One with a twist. Tingle your tastebuds and refresh your senses with a seriously citrusy and fruity cultivar.


Twist and Shout.

Tangerine Twist traces its lineage back to Skunk #1 and Dead Head. With terpenes like Myrcene, Linalool, Limonene and Caryophyllene, this sativa delivers fruity, citrus aromas and flavours in a large format that is perfect for sharing with friends.

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Tangerine Twist
Terpene Analysis


α-Pinene,Camphene,b-Pinene,Myrcene,3-Carene,Limonene,Eucalytptol,Trans-Beta Ocimene,Terpinolene,Linalool,Fenchol,(1R)-(+)-Camphor,(+)-Borneal,Geraniol,t-Caryophyllene,α-Humulene,Valencene,Nerolidol II,Caryophyllene Oxide,Guaiol,α-Bisabolol,α-Terpineol