The Spinach™ Guide To the Ultimate Snow Day

Wintertime keeps us all trapped indoors, and a TV screen or laptop is usually the only entertainment insight. Finding fun means having to leave your house and that is the last resort in our great Northern climate.

If you’re frozen on ideas to get out of your winter boredom, you’re in luck as we compiled some of the best indoor activities with our Spinach™ Indoor Winter Fun Guide. 


1. Dye Your Old Clothes

tie dye shirts

Having old clothes piling up can be a nuisance, but before you haul them out to your closest thrift store, altering them is also an option. Whether it be stained or discoloured, dying your clothes is a great way to make some vibrant and unique additions to your wardrobe while saving a couple of bucks.

2. Build an Indoor Golf Course

Aaron Burden blue golf ball

You can’t play any sport inside, but this one you might be able to get away with. Mini Putting at home can give you all the enjoyment of travelling on the green without a caddy. With a couple of household items- plastic cups, mini putter, tape etc., you can turn your home into the PGA tour.

3. Try a New Recipe

Chopping Ingredients

The weather is frightful outside and you got the munchies, why not whip up something on the stove instead? Mixing and matching ingredient ideas can lead to some pretty wild cooking. Whether you’re putting pepperoni slices on a burger or mixing tacos and mac & cheese, trying something new in the kitchen also means experimenting.  If you’re stuck on ideas, our Monday Munchies is a great place to start.

4. Redecorate

mid century loft

While you’re snowed in, why not liven up the place with some new colour? Redecorating can turn your pad from dull to dope without the huge overhaul. Whether it be a poster of your favourite singer or a framed picture of your cat, there are tons of ways to give your space the makeover it needs. 

 5. Start Writing a Graphic Novel

pen and computer keyboard

While no one expects you to be the next Frank Miller anytime soon, but if you’re bored, why not follow in his footsteps? All you’ll need is a notepad, some pencils and your imagination. Starting a novel is a great way to let your creative juices flowing, and if you’re struggling, try some of our brand SpinachTM before you start writing. 

6. Adult-Themed Board Games

board game

Dust off your Monopoly and be prepared to roll dice like no before. With games like What Do You Meme, 5 Second Rule, or Cards Against Humanity, you can turn your dull snow day into a board game bonanza with your friends. 

Instead of staring out your window waiting for the snow to melt, open your mind to some fun from home with our Indoor Winter Fun Guide.

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