The Spinach™ Approved Guide to Working from Home

This year keeps getting weirder. Waking up and working in a bathrobe definitely isn't something any of us pictured. On the bright side, your commute to work is as close as your living room. Roll out of bed and get excited with these fun and helpful tips to make your workspace everything you’ve ever dreamed of. 

Get a Comfy Chair

white office decor

Try sitting on a stability ball for added exercise while you work or sink into the day with some extra cozy items like a bean bag or an inflatable bubble chair. Like to stand instead? Grab one of these handy rolling adjustable laptop carts and be on your feet while getting things done.

Decorate Your Workspace

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Decorating can make your space feel more inspiring to get those creative juices flowing. Add some greenery with a little cactus or relive your favourite moments by sticking polaroids to the wall. If you’re a night owl, you can set the vibe with a soothing lava lamp on your desk. Warning: May cause involuntary distraction. Placing a small plant on your desktop such as a mini cactus can help you spruce up your area. You can also try sticking photo prints of fond memories on your wall to help boost your mood. If you like working in the nighttime, light up your desk with a soothing lava lamp as well. 

Cook Some Munchies for Lunch

cooking materials

If you’re tired of the same old sandwich, try switching things up a bit. Check out our Monday Munchies section on the blog and get cooking. Some of our favourites for lunchtime are the Caesar salad burger and homemade pepperoni pizza pocket. There's no need to grab a cookbook when we’ve got some delicious recipes right at your fingertips. of the most delectable recipes thanks to our Monday Munchies. Whether it be a pepperoni pizza pocket or a Caesar salad burger, you can hit cancel on that UberEATS order and start up the oven instead.

Remember to Take Breaks

take a break hour glass

To prevent yourself from burning out, stretch your legs from time to time. It can be easy to sit at a desk all day and watch your life melt away in front of a screen. Remember to take breaks frequently. You can start with healthy ideas like going for a walk or shooting some hoops on a home basketball net. Upgrade your dance moves as well with some hype TikTok dances to get you off your feet.

Be Social

online video chat

Staying connected with work buddies can be difficult during this time. Thanks to software like Skype and WhatsApp Web, you can always stay in the loop. Start a conversation online with funny gifs or see familiar faces with a video call. There are also fun apps like House Party, great for gathering a crowd for an after-work happy hour.

Take Your Pet to Work

dog with glasses

Working from home requires a bit of solitude, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep a furry friend close to help boost your mood throughout the day. Having your pet nearby while working can help you not feel alone at home. If you're a bit of a yogi, try nailing that downward dog pose with your pet and have a yoga session together. 

Productivity matters in times like these and we’ve got you covered. With our Spinach™ Approved Guide to Working From Home, clocking in for work never felt any better.

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