The 2020 Spinach™ Holiday Gift Guide

2020 feels like it’s been dragging on forever, but the holidays are just around the corner and can quickly sneak up on you if you aren’t prepared.


Thankfully, we have compiled the ultimate holiday gift guide for those who are prone to last-minute shopping.


Keep reading to see some of this year’s best gifts.


Hypelev Levitating Shoe Stand

Almost everyone knows a dedicated sneakerhead. Instead of trying to figure out which sought after shoes are currently on their list, why not impress them with a Hypelev levitating shoe stand?


This creative gift is a great way to show off the most prized sneakers in any collection. It’s available on the Hypelev website now.


The 1500-piece 1980s Puzzle

2020 has been challenging for many of us, but fortunately we’ve almost made it to the end. Now it’s time to get nostalgic with this 1500-piece 1980s puzzle from Urban Outfitters.


Aerospaced Handle Four Piece Grinder

Do you have a friend who sucks at grinding their herb? Politely let them know this Christmas with an Aerospaced grinder. It features a mill handle that enables you to grind its contents using a clockwise or counterclockwise motion.


Clear Cassette Player

Do you know someone who still refuses to register for Spotify? Well this clear cassette player could make the perfect gift. The compact device comes with earphones, a belt clip, and a built-in AM/FM radio. Impress with this great budget gift from Urban Outfitters for $50.


Cannabis St. LED Marquee Sign

Have a favorite smoke spot that could use some new décor? Pitch in with this Cannabis St. LED marquee sign available on Wayfair.


World’s Smallest Uno Card Game

In need of a creative stocking stuffer? Why not gift the World’s Smallest Uno Card Game. It features all the signature cards from a normal Uno deck, just scaled down. Grab a set now for your most competitive friend.


Broccoli Magazine Subscription

A magazine subscription is a gift that keeps giving all year round! Broccoli is an international magazine for cannabis lovers created by women who love weed. It presents a new perspective on cannabis culture and encourages the discovery and appreciation of cannabis through art, culture, and fashion.

Purchase a subscription here.


Batard Lamp

This batard (baguette) lamp is made from real bread flour, cake flour, and yeast, and can fill any room with an illuminating glow courtesy of its LED lights. Great for any kitchen or dining room, this gift will surely give you and your friends the munchies. 

Buy one here.


Eggplant Pipe

Eggplants aren’t only a nutritious vegetable and popular emoji–they also make great smoking devices! This hand-blown purple and green glass pipe might not be for everyone, but it can definitely make the perfect gift for an eccentric friend on your holiday shopping list.

The eggplant pipe is available here.


PAX 3 Concentrate Insert

Know someone who can’t put their PAX 3 vaporizer down? Help them keep things in working order with a replacement concentrate insert available from PAX.


Holiday gift-giving this year is more complicated than usual, so we hope our guide helped you cross a few names off your list. Follow the Spinach™ blog for even more great content!




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