Monday Munchies: What to Eat This Year Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Checking your horoscope always invites mysterious possibilities of what your future might be. It can be filled with money, love or some comfort food to help you get through another mundane year.

Keep reading to find your ideal meal (according to the stars) below.



smores treats

The nostalgia obsessed Capricorn loves sweets just as much as anyone else, so if it’s not a meal from their childhood, they’ll most likely refuse to eat it. This sign is forever searching for memories on a plate, and S’mores Treats are the perfect snack to fulfill that.


cheeto sushi burrito

The unpredictable Aquarius finds comfort in a variety of foods but is always seeking the newest idea they’ve never tried before. Every meal feels like a new venture to them and with every time they step into the kitchen, their meals get even weirder. To satisfy this air signs peculiar hunger a Cheetos-Infused Sushi Burrito


cinnamon roll meltaway

Known for having the sweet tooth of the zodiac, the gentle Pisces can finds comfort in a bakery. This sensitive sign is prone to going through a dozen donuts on any given day, so it only makes sense to pair this sign with a dessert that has a little more glaze. The Cinnamon Roll Meltaways are a match made in heaven for a water sign that can’t get enough sugar.


pizza muffins

The busy and on-the-go Aries is always craving convenience and decadence. If it’s not bite-sized or covered in cheese, they will kindly decline. For those born under this fire sign, we recommend Pizza Muffins, a snack with the great taste of pepperoni pizza but less difficult to carry with you.


oreo fluff

Everyone is always waiting on the Taurus, who adores the creamiest deserts, so it only makes sense to pair this sensual sign with a decadent Oreo fluff. Packed with Oreos, cool whip and vanilla pudding, this dessert will make you want to make friends with this earth sign in a heartbeat.


brownie bites

The Gemini doesn’t usually eat as much as the rest of the zodiac but you can find one probably snacking just as much as the Aries. This air sign loves food in morsels, especially if it includes chocolate, so we paired them with the decadent Natural Brownie Bites.


maple sheet chicken

Known as the ruler of all comfort-foods, the sensitive Cancer is a natural-born chef that loves a good ole’ home-cooked meal with all the trimmings. On any given day, this sensitive water sign can be found baking a meal that you would swear was prepared from Martha Stewart. The recipe of choice for a wholesome Cancer is the Maple Sriracha Sheet-Pan Chicken, a good fit for a sign looking for a meal that warms the soul.


caesar salad burger

The vibrant Leo is the king of all sauces. No dinner plate is ever dull with a fun-loving Leo that loves to eat until their heart desires. This sign isn’t amused with your simple ketchup or mayo but a recipe like Caesar Salad Burger is sure to catch the attention of a sign that is always looking for savoury flavours.


dorito walking taco

You can never get a fidgety Virgo to sit still. Whether they’re standing, walking or running, this earth sign is always in search of food that is functional. The Walking Tacos are a match made for the logical Virgo who’s looking to snack on something while taking a stroll.


mushroom pasta

The artsy Libra has the worst time making a food decision and can be caught in hunger limbo. But when this air sign finally decides on what to eat for lunch, they’ve most likely already taken a picture of it. The Peeping Mushroom Pasta is ideal for a Libra who values their lunchtime and wants to share it on Instagram.


blood splattered cheesecake

A Scorpio can be a little intimidating to look at on the outside but are usually just as sweet and sultry on the inside. For a sign born close to Halloween, a Scorpio is best paired with our sweet and scary Blood-Spattered Cheesecake.


papaya boat with yogurt

You are what you eat, a Sagittarius would argue.  This sign isn’t much of a fan of fast food, so their version of comfort food has a bit of a health kick. For the Sagittarius, the healthy Tropical Papaya Boats is a meal fit for a health-obsessed sign.

Getting in tune with your zodiac sign is great to learn more about yourself, but mostly what goes into your stomach. Every month has something special and no matter when you’re born, you can find a meal that suits you. 

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