Monday Munchies: Supreme Hot Dog Edition

Give your regular hot dogs a total makeover this summer with these totally awesome (and unexpected) recipes.

Bánh Mì Hot Dogs 

Say goodbye to ketchup and hello to Sriracha sauce. This Bánh Mì hot dog recipe is the perfect combination of a Vietnamese delicacy and all the veggies you’d ever need.

The Ultimate Breakfast Hot Dog

If you’re a morning person, we have the dog for you. Try this special breakfast recipe today.

Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeño Hot Dogs

We like bacon on pretty much everything. If you’ve ever tried a bacon-wrapped- Jalapeño Popper, then let your taste buds tingle to the heat of this recipe. Try these spicy Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeño Hot Dogs.

Cubano Corn Dog

This corndog is a Cuban classic that we doubt you’ll find at your local carnival. Brought to you by our Monday Munchies series, try these decked out corn dogs.

Nacho Hot Dogs

Ketchup and mustard are great toppings but these are nacho average dogs. Melt some cheese, sprinkle some tortilla chips, and load up your favourite toppings on these Nacho Hot Dogs.

We’re lighting up the summer months with some creative recipes for your grill. Follow our blog for more.

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