It’s National Spinach Day!

You may have heard the news that today is officially #NationalSpinachDay! Observed annually on March 26th, we’re not sure the origin or creator of the holiday, but we’d like to thank them for acknowledging the most superior greens.

At Spinach™ we have high expectations as we focus on producing some of the dankest Spinach™ around the globe. We only grow the chronic because whether you’re watching your favourite flick or looking for love, you should never have to worry about the quality of your favourite plant. Our Spinach™ is super frosty like your windshield in February, so kick back and relax, we got you covered.

Our goal is to make experiences more enjoyable, which is why we only offer Farm-To-Bowl™ products you’ll love. Harmful additives don’t have a place in good Spinach™, which is why product testing is the only thing we take seriously.

Here are the types of Spinach we’re currently growing:

Indica • Rockstar Kush • Diesel • White Widow • Dancehall

If you want to celebrate National Spinach Day with your friends, we highly recommend downloading our Spinach™ approved fortune teller. It might not be as accurate as tea leaves, but it’s definitely more fun.

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