How to Have Fun this Summer Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Enjoy the summertime while you can! If you need ideas for how to make the most of the warmer days we have left, let the stars guide you. Find out how to spend your summer based on your zodiac sign below.




Activity: Staycations

Getting away from people and being introverted is a typical trait for this sign, but they can also crave a nice getaway.

Having a staycation is a great alternative to travelling. You can do some sightseeing in your own city and experience new things locally.


Activity: Try an outdoor workout

While gyms are still in the process of reopening, this impatient sign can stay productive by doing a workout outdoors. An anxious Virgo may also seek efficiency, so utilizing the open space of a track or soccer field can help them workout in a safe place without having to worry about being confined in a small indoor location.

You can find the best kind of workout for your sign here.


Activity: Try a new skincare routine with guacamole and eat the leftovers

Since this sign loves snacking just as much as maintaining their skin, a Taurus can find some balance by starting a new facial routine with a bowl of guacamole. The leftover guacamole that was made can be eaten with some tortilla chips as a snack.

Try this edible guacamole face mask recipe.




Activity: Visit a drive-in theatre

This sign enjoys fun in many forms but has a slight affinity for anything retro-related. Since drive-in theaters are becoming even more popular in Canada right now, finding a theater in your area shouldn’t be too difficult!



Activity: Scrapbook all your trips

A hardworking Cancer loves to share their creative endeavours. Making a scrapbook gives them a chance to show off their most memorable moments, which can be done by printing off the pictures saved on a phone or camera and pasting them into a scrapbook with decorations.


Activity: Learn to play an instrument

Since a Scorpio craves both alone time and stimulation, finding an activity that exercises their love for music, like teaching themselves a new instrument, can be ideal.

There are tons of instruments that are easy for adults to learn including the ukulele, xylophone, harmonica, and bongos.




Activity: Start a blog

This sign takes comfort in working on personal projects and tapping into their creative side. Starting a personal blog is a great way to flex their writing skills and work from home.

This sensitive sign also needs an outlet for their emotions, and a blog can be a good way to start a personal diary as well.


Activity: Host a virtual karaoke party

Since this socially active air sign enjoys dancing and having a good time, a virtual karaoke session is a workable solution for those who love to be the life of the party while stuck inside. Check out these tips for hosting a Zoom karaoke party.



Activity: Revamp your wardrobe

A fashion-loving Libra enjoys discovering the latest trends, and with the fall season right around the corner, revamping their closet can be a fun activity for this air sign.

Some great ideas to get started include visiting your favourite clothing or thrift stores while you’re outside for a walk, or online shopping if you’d prefer to shop from the comfort of your own home, and creating a mood board  of all your dream outfits. Get even more creative with these tips.




Activity: Learn how to make a summer mocktail

An energetic and spontaneous Aries can dive into some summer fun with new recipe ideas. Summer drinks can be the perfect way for this generous fire sign to set the vibe with some close family members or roommates. Here are 17 refreshing mocktails you can try.



Activity: Picnic date

 A picnic date can be a great summer activity for Leos, because it gives this fire sign a chance to show off a great outfit, and also how much they love  their romantic partner.

Try some of these ideas for the perfect date with your significant other.



Activity: Enjoy a live streaming concert event

Since this sign enjoys having fun and might feel like they’re missing out this summer, streaming a live concert can help fill the void.

Whether it’s the ongoing Verzuz rap series, a DJ set, or a virtual dance party, there are plenty of options available.



No matter what your horoscope might be, there’s an activity to help you make the most out of the rest of your summer. Follow our blog for more fun ideas.


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