Battle of the Snacks

Since everyone’s favourite battle is over (RIP Game of Thrones), we had to bring you something to get you through the rest of the summer. We introduce to you, Battle of the Snacks.


Battle of the Snacks is a tournament where we put the most popular, most-munched-on snacks head to head to battle it out over who’s best. For example, our first contenders are chicken tenders vs. chicken nuggets. Yes, we went that far. Yes, we’re making you decide. Once we’ve declared a winner, they’ll move on to the next round to battle it out with the winner in another category, just like the NBA finals! (Except with pizza)

Now, whoever wins is all up to you. We’ll put up a survey on our Instagram and you have 24 hours to vote on your favourite snack and determine their fate.

Boot up, soldiers. We’re going into battle.


Okay, we’re done. Let the tournament begin.

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