6 Spinach ™ Approved Stash Boxes

A great smoke session requires the right tools. Rolling papers, legendary buds, a lighter, and grinder are all essential, but keeping them all in one place will make you a truly prepared toker.


For that reason, we’ve compiled a list of Spinach™ approved stash boxes to keep you organized in style.


Herb Garden Smell Proof Container


This container can be used as a case to store all your cannabis-related belongings when you're on-the-go and it comes with two locks for security. It's also smell proof and highly durable thanks to its rugged design.

Price: $39.99


Bzz Wooden Stash Box

This stash box comes with a built-in rolling tray, making it easier to grind and roll cannabis into joints. It also includes three glass jars for storage.

Price: $69.99


Secret Book Box

This box looks and feels like a real marbled cotton book cover. It’s also convenient and can help you hide your cannabis valuables in plain sight while those who are around will likely assume it’s just a regular book. It features a steel inner box construction with two keys for locking.

Price: $36.50


Nautical Treasure Chest

This wooden nautical chest was originally designed to hold jewelry, but it’s also perfect for your cannabis-related treasures. It comes with an easy to use latch lock on the front to keep everything secure.

Price: $19.99


Dessert Visions Stash Kit

This handmade bamboo box comes with a four-piece grinder, UV glass jar, and metal rolling tray. Not only does it make a great gift for a smoker who is always in transit, but it can also be used around the house as a great décor piece.

Price: $115.27


Stashlogix Locking Stash Bag

This smell-proof stash bag comes with odor-absorbing packets and adjustable dividers for organizing all your items. It also includes a convenient poker tool for cleaning pipes or rolling a joint.

Price: $49.00


We all need a special spot for stashing our cannabis essentials. These stash boxes can make sure you don’t forget anything. Follow our blog for more tips to make your smoking experience simpler.




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