5 Things To Do With Your Friends When It’s Too Hot Outside

While us Canadian’s might only get a few full days of summer and seizing the day no matter what is always on our minds, sometimes being sweaty all day just isn’t the move.

We compiled a list of some things to do with your friends when hanging out outside just isn’t an option.

Boardgames in Someone’s Basement

There’s a chance that at least one of your friends has a few boardgames collecting dust in their cool, dark, desolate basement. You know what people did in the 90’s when they got bored? Board games (pun most definitely intended). From Monopoly to Life, these games can be played for hours – and we heard childhood basements yield the best results. No basement? No problem. We just thought we’d add to the nostalgia.

No room for a group to play Operation? With boardgame cafés popping up all over, it’ll be easy to round up a group and enjoy tons of super rare and nostalgic boardgames, as well as snacks and coffee.

Swimming (Duh)

We realize you unfortunately have to venture outdoors to do this, but (luckily) the water will cool you down. Check your neighbourhood for local public swimming spots or beaches for a free activity. You can also check into a hotel and use their pool if that tickles your fancy.  


Not only are movie theatres open during the day, but this is arguably the best time to see a movie! No lines for popcorn and you get a ton more choice for seat selection – making it easier to head over with a big group!

Drive-In Movie

If you live somewhere where there’s a drive-in movie theatre nearby, you’re one of the lucky few. What better way to watch a movie than under the stars with your friends? Drive-in theatres usually also show older movies as well as new releases. Pile as many of your friends as you can in the car, bring the snacks and enjoy!


It’s time to pop some tags because thrifting is usually a day-long activity. Scouring through racks of clothing for that perfectly worn vintage band tee isn’t an easy feat but it’s well worth the hunt. As always, thrifting is best played as a team sport.

We hope we helped you beat the heat! Let us know if you try any of these activities by tagging us on social, check out @SpinachFarms! Happy heatwave.

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