5 Best Weed-Themed Halloween Costumes

Only adults of legal age should consume cannabis and always responsibly.


With Halloween around the corner we know that you’ll want to level up your costume game. So, why not pay homage to your favourite plant in the process? Set the cliché cat ears and bad wigs aside and keep reading for the five best weed-themed Halloween costumes.


Cannabis High Fairy



For those that don’t want a far departure from a traditional fairy getup, check out this striped costume that features cannabis leaf print throughout and sprinkle a little bit of bud wherever you go. (Buy Now)


Cannabis Chef



You know the friend that always seems to make the most delicious brownies? Well they might have a special treat this Halloween, and you’ll know exactly how to spot them! Just look for the tall green chef’s hat. (Buy Now)


Baked Potato



When someone asks, “What are you?” all you have to say is baked. A baked potato that is. Genius. (Buy Now)


A Bag of Buds


This costume is self-explanatory and you could even make it yourself if you really wanted to! However, we don’t recommend using the real stuff. (Buy Now)



Do you prefer bongs over joints? Show your social bubble why you are the Bong King and enjoy life one hit at a time. The best part is you don’t have to fill your costume up with water!  (Buy Now)


There you have it! Five highly covetable costumes that will make your costume the talk of all your friends – even if they’re only able to see it on social media!


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